Role:  Information, Communication, Technologies  Administrator – Front Office and Back Office Coordinator – Gijon and Coruña Offices

Managed technical support for more than 60 Active Directory users, including Level 1, 2 and 3 of all operations departments of Gijón and A Coruña.

  1. Front Office Level 1. (Surveillance, and Corrective)
  2. Level 2 (MLF, Logistics)
  3. Back Office Level 3 (Voice, Network, Multimedia, Data,)

Operations included:

Help Desk: support for Gijón office and Coruña (Onsite, Phone, Mail, and Remote) using a ticketing support system.

Systems Administrator: All support are basically for operating system, under Windows 7, Windows 10 and Active directory 2012

ICT Production Software and Applications Management

  • Managed, Installed, and troubleshoot all internal ZTE´s Software, and hardware
  • Managed, Installed, and troubleshoot of all different Client´s software and applications
  • Domain Migrations (from Telecable and R)
  • Software + Web for more than 300 production applications

Applications per communication and client support technologies

Euskaltel, R, Telecable, Orange, and Telefonica

Euskaltel Software Technologies

EKTNet, Pega, Odigo

Ferramentas R Galicia Technologies

GRDOM, Diamux- MML, CastleRock, Kiron, VOA, Fric, Tbook, Inferno, S3, Provision, OTA, CTS, INCA, SOHA, JRMS, Plesk, Escribian, Recolector, Test de Linea, Reasignator, MML, Pelexo, Espantallo, SGI, Sauter, Spectrum, DVstation, Hydra, Pegasus, Zabbix, Preventivo, Netcool, Clarin, Kelogs, Checklist, Planificador,

Telecable Software & Tecnologies

TCNet, Tbook, Netcool, Zabbix, Citrix, Exceed, Maexe, Omni2000, PathTrack, Platform Manager, Pocima, PortalNet, PortalOn, BBC, Ciena One Control, TelnetONU, Velneo, Neon, Juniper, LMM, Citrix, SGI, TEDI Coders.

Orange Software Technologies

Netnumen, Global Protect, Giros, Jira, Centrix

Telefonica Software Technologies


This includes additional software required to make it work such as:

Java, Oracle, Microsoft Office, Netnumen, Centrix, Goglobal, Putty Teraterm, Filezilla, MobaXterm, Teamviewer, Anydesk, Forticlient, Skype, OpenVPN, VLC, Wireshark, Winmerge, Note++, Keepass, Acrobat Reader, 7Zip, Winrar, Virtual Box, VMware, McAffe, Zoom, etc.

IT Production Users Profiles and Backup Management

  • Development of user´s desktop/profiles, Software, tools
  • Backup/Restore/Setup Image Management
  • Development of Technical and Software Procedures
  • Password reset
  • Security  (User Control, Antivirus, Backup,)


  • Network mapping (Local and External server/Units/Drives Configurations)
  • Network Control (verifying, testing, setup, wifi)
  • VPN and Remote connections / Assitance
  • Mail configurations (SMTP, POP3, IMAP, POP3)
  • Zmail > Public Mail Control and User Configurations


  • Computer Setup and repair, configuration, Technical maintenance of all office equipment, computers, monitors, software, telephone IP, mobile, and other peripherals.
  • Employee trainee and support for all ZTE tools and training sites and other functions.
  • Employee /Company Access Control
  • Inventory Control (Fixed Assets)
  • Mobile Setup and configurations

Switchboard Technologies

  • Telephone System PBX
  • Odigo